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A unique voice and one-in-a-million look ... Miss Georgia USA

"DeAnna.. she has something that is impossible to teach somebody .. when she sings it is something a little different" ... "she has the most distinct voice" .. "you could hear her anywhere and say.. oh that's definitely DeAnna ... that means something" -- Adam Levine
"arresting blend of strength, fragility, and vanquished terror" -- LA Times
"hypnotic" -- Joshua Davis
"She's good" ... "There is nobody in the world to compare you to ... I think you're a star" -- Blake Shelton
"She's great" ... "You came out here like a rock star and totally owned everything that you were doing" -- Christina Aguilera
"endearing and pure" -- A Fan

Read This advice inspired by DeAnna from a professional voice coach for why one should never give up.

This quote sums up for me DeAnna's creative cover song interpretations -- "your gift/talent is meant to shine light in dark places." DeAnna is definitely not your typical cookie-cutter singer.

Happy Halloween

DeAnna at the Miss USA swimwear show

And ... she did it !

And ... the Christmas spirit !

News Flash ! - Georgia State House Resolution #26

Perfect Sound and Look Moments

Congrats DeAnna for regional crown ... on to Miss Georgia? Then to Miss USA? Miss Universe ?

"she is so tall u couldn't see her crown"

💋 The first DeAnna home-brewed video -- "Like I Can"

DeAnna YouTube Playlist

Elfen charm

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