"All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians" – Thelonius Monk        
        "These go to 11" – Nigel Tufnel

I'm not a musician by any means but I do work as a mathematician and statistician. What boggles my mind about DeAnna is just the imponderable statistical odds against someone having that kind of original and intoxicating voice AND having that kind of beauty.

Consider this: Ran across an interesting stat recently ... a boy growing up has a greater chance of playing in the Super Bowl than of a girl competing at Miss USA. No idea if that is absolutely true but it sounds reasonable. So the fact that DeAnna is competing in it – and by all accounts is a front-runner for the crown -- is kind of mind-boggling based on her status when I started this fan-site.

And add to that the odds against DeAnna's placement in the top 10 in The Voice competition classifies her success as a kind of mind-blowing achievement. Remember that she got 4 chairs to turn without any of the judges having seen her, which makes her voice statistically independent from her looks.

One could always grant one of these achievements, because somebody in the population of the USA has to get to that point, but its the next achievement that is so improbable.

Put it this way: if it is 1 in 1 million odds to get to Miss USA and another 1 in 1 million odds to get that far on The Voice, then the combination is 1 in 1 trillion to do both. That's a multiplication of the two odds since her voice and looks are statistically independent. Consider that one would arguably have better odds in winning the lotto jackpot than in doing that kind of double-play. She also apparently won a state high school title in basketball making it a triple play – voice, beauty, athleticism – but that third achievement almost seems small potatoes!

I am really fascinated with aspects of human potential in many forms, and honestly started this fan-site because I could imagine the strong possibility of either a music or fashion career for DeAnna. I chose the name CoversGirl because that just about described her potential as a music+fashion double-threat.

There really is a case that can be made for an objective rather than subjective evaluation of the qualities of the human voice and of physical beauty. In many of the posts writing about The Tone of De, I actually went through a technical analysis of her voice, finding that her talent in vocalizing was objectively superior to other singers. Other singers just can't do the overtones, yodeling, etc that DeAnna can. The same objective criteria works for beauty. Any student of the human form can tell that her facial geometric outline is optimal in the sense of matching a "how-to draw" manual. And then it goes from there – DeAnna's eyebrows, eyes, nose, lips, smile, hair, body are all essentially perfect. She seems to have the best features of various ethnicities, and with her talent at makeup can look like just about any attractive celebrity. She recently posted her ethnic heritage from a DNA sample, and the results from the ancestry agency say that she has Scandinavian, Spanish/Portuguese, Kenyan, Irish, British, Finnish, Italian ancestral makeup.

Is she going to do a singing career? a modeling career? Sounds like she also is looking at a fashion designer career. She said in a snapchat that she will wear one of her own designs for the evening gown segment at the upcoming Miss USA pageant. If it raises eyebrows, likely that a NYC clothing firm will have a knock-off available the next day, and then who knows what's next?

That's why it's worth following DeAnna, because one just does not know how far she can take her beauty and artistic talent.

Yet, the story is not completely written and so we will keep on tracking DeAnna's progress in beating the odds and becoming an embodiment of the perfect Wonder Woman.

And that's really the beauty of human potential when pondered in context. Like a musician, DeAnna is juggling her God-given gifts in interesting mathematical combinations, and I sit here pondering the statistical improbability of it all 🤓

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