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A unique voice and one-in-a-million look ... Miss Georgia USA

"DeAnna.. she has something that is impossible to teach somebody .. when she sings it is something a little different" ... "she has the most distinct voice" .. "you could hear her anywhere and say.. oh that's definitely DeAnna ... that means something" -- Adam Levine
"arresting blend of strength, fragility, and vanquished terror" -- LA Times
"hypnotic" -- Joshua Davis
"She's good" ... "There is nobody in the world to compare you to ... I think you're a star" -- Blake Shelton
"She's great" ... "You came out here like a rock star and totally owned everything that you were doing" -- Christina Aguilera
"endearing and pure" -- A Fan

Read This advice inspired by DeAnna from a professional voice coach for why one should never give up.

This quote sums up for me DeAnna's creative cover song interpretations -- "your gift/talent is meant to shine light in dark places." DeAnna is definitely not your typical cookie-cutter singer.

CoversGirl site intern comment: "I was completed enchanted by DeAnna's involvement in the Miss USA 2017 competition. It was all highs -- from her exciting SnapChat takeover to the iconic photos of DeAnna captured on the runway. Truly inspirational and memorable. The only question is what will she do next? "

The Road to Miss USA

DeAnna at the Miss USA swimwear show

DeAnna makeup by Kristen White

DeAnna's makeup by Kristen White

Let's all root for DeAnna as the next Miss Georgia USA!

@DeAnnaJohnson23 @GWP_USA #MissGaUSA

And ... she did it !

And ... the Christmas spirit !

News Flash ! - Georgia State House Resolution #26

Perfect Sound and Look Moments

Congrats DeAnna for regional crown ... on to Miss Georgia? Then to Miss USA? Miss Universe ?

"she is so tall u couldn't see her crown"

💋 The first DeAnna home-brewed video -- "Like I Can"

DeAnna YouTube Playlist

Elfen charm

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When I See You Again snippet

When I See You Again Waycross 4th July 2015